Acessórios de Lentes

Acessórios de Lentes
HD 1.4X Extender
Precision Focus ENG/EFP Accessories
Precision Focus Box Lens Accessories
Three-Mode Fine Focus / Serial Digital
Premier/Select Series ENG/EFP Accessories
Premier/Select Series Digital ENG Lens Rear Control Kits
Premier/Select Series Analog Rear Control Kits
Professional (8 pin zoom connector) Rear Control Kits
HD ENG Lens Converters
SD ENG Lens Converters
Remote Lens Controllers (MD Series Lenses Only)
Electrical Interface of 12-pin Videoconference (MD Lens Series) Connector
Stabilizer Control – EA-12A-05BA
Stabilizer Principle of Operation
Box Lens Accessories
EPA-22 Focus Controller
Ah50X Digital Accessory Options
Box Lens Accessory Configurations
XA22x7BES Accessory Options
XA22X7BES Digi Zoom Analog Focus
XA22X7BES Digi Zoom Digi Focus
Pan Tilt Head Specifications
Pan Tilt Controllers
CPT-70F 70D Configurations
EPT-7G-H2A Configurations
Pan/Tilt Compatibility
XA50x Digital Lens Configuration
3D Synchro Accessories